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At the home store 'Het Oude Gebint,' we offer an amazing collection of silk flowers. Simply order a beautiful silk flower bouquet or individual pieces online from our webshop and let your creativity flow. If you want to enjoy them quickly, opt for a ready-made silk bouquet with a vase. It's easy! Whether you love extravagant flower power or prefer a simple, maintenance-free silk flower bouquet, you'll find it all in our range of artificial flowers and plants from the renowned brand Countryfield.

The advantages of 'real' artificial flowers.

Beautiful artificial flowers come with many advantages:

  1. They will never die, so there's no need to replace them.
  2. Artificial flowers are also hypoallergenic, allowing everyone to enjoy a beautiful artificial flower bouquet.
  3. There is hardly any difference between our individual artificial flowers and real ones!


Artificial flowers are super easy and always beautiful!

Silk flowers are truly in vogue, and it's not surprising. They simply stay beautiful season after season. You can decorate and complement endlessly. Whether you want to place a simple bouquet on the table or showcase a striking flower arrangement in the living room, silk flowers complement every style.

Silk artificial flower bouquets.

The combination of various flower types ensures that each silk bouquet tells its own story and enriches the space where it is placed with its allure. What truly distinguishes silk flowers is their longevity; these vibrant flowers do not wither but continue to bring joy for a lifetime. The possibilities with silk flowers are also more versatile, as they can be used in spaces with little or no natural light.

Say goodbye to wilted flowers and the hassle of watering.

The adventure of flower arranging with silk flowers begins here.

The advantage of artificial flowers over fresh flowers is their flexibility. This allows you to arrange the flowers in a playful and airy manner. Integrate green branches, leaves, or other decorative elements among the artificial flowers. Secure them firmly with binding wire and admire your lifelike flower arrangement.

For a beautiful vase or jug, you can, of course, also shop with us.

Country-style home store offering silk flower arrangements to antique and vintage furniture.

In our home store 'Het Oude Gebint,' you can shop for unique furniture and decorative items. In addition to our physical store, all our products are also available online in the webshop. This allows you to take a look and browse through the products in advance. Each product comes with a clear description and photos.

Our interior style is characterized by vintage, country, and antique furniture and home accessories.

These terms are often heard, and it might quickly seem like something is vintage if it looks old, or brocante if it's second-hand or well-used. However, we weren't satisfied with just that. We sought more; we wanted furniture with a story, preferably handmade. Genuine furniture and decorative pieces with a history.

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