Wooden plant hanger for indoor plants.

The indoor plant stand is a plant rack made from old stone molds; the weathered wood exudes a warm charm that seamlessly complements various interior styles. The old stone mold containers are crafted from hardwood, and, combined with the metal fittings around the molds, give every interior a rugged look and feel. The stone mold stand accommodates 6 indoor plants, and with the braided rope, you can easily hang this plant rack in your home by the window or on a wall in no time.

System for hanging and placing indoor plants in pots.

Placing indoor plants in your home is trendy and popular again, especially when you present them in a stylish manner. With a wooden stone mold plant hanger, you are no longer limited to a windowsill or wall shelf in your home, home office, or workspace. Let the styling go hand in hand with indoor plants and thereby add a striking piece of furniture to any interior.

Preparation for planting indoor plants in wooden stone molds.

Wooden stone molds were originally designed for making bricks, and therefore, wood types resistant to moisture were chosen. Combined with the additional reinforcing metal fittings around the stone mold, they formed a "waterproof" system. For planting potted plants in the stone mold, it is advisable to first create a water-resistant barrier. Place a trash bag inside the stone mold and cut it to size (2 cm below the top of the mold). Then, fill the stone mold with potting soil, depending on the type of indoor plant. By adding extra protection inside the stone mold, you prevent moisture from penetrating the wood, thereby extending its lifespan.

Trendy potted plants suitable for stone mold plant hangers.

1. The Pancake Plant.

This wildly popular indoor plant is a delightful, playful addition to place in the stone mold. The fresh green, saucer-shaped leaves, combined with the weathered wood, truly create a beautiful combination.

2. Succulents and cacti.

There are so many varieties of succulents and cacti available. Create playful combinations by planting upright and trailing types together, and experiment with different contrasts and accents. Not only do these plants look charming, but they are also low-maintenance. Succulents are designed to thrive in harsh conditions.

3. Trailing small indoor plants

You might associate hanging plants with ivy, but did you know there are plenty of trendy indoor hanging plants nowadays? Plant them in the stone mold or place them in a pot to create a lush plant hanger.

Types of stone molds.

The stone mold is cherished for its versatility in both the home and garden. Whether it's a flower pot, pen holder, organizer, or herb rack, the stone mold can serve many purposes. We offer various variations, such as the single stone mold, double stone mold, stone mold stand, and stone molds with prints. Even stone mold cabinets are part of our assortment.

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