Nepalese pots


Behind every Nepalese pot is a story. Additionally, Nepalese pots also have a unique appearance that adds true value to your interior. Furthermore, we see that there are many different combinations possible with these pots. You can combine the different types and sizes very nicely by placing them close together. Or how about combining a few lovely (dried) flowers with these Nepalese pots? Take a look around our collection and create a unique composition!

Nepalese pots in various sizes


With us, you have a choice of many different sizes of pots. Each pot has its own unique characteristics. One pot may be wide and small, while another may be narrow and tall. This ensures that you have plenty of options and can ultimately order the Nepalese pots that fit your interior. Thanks to the various sizes, you can create a fun, unique, and playful atmosphere in your home. Would you like to give your interior a new, fresh touch? Then quickly explore all the possibilities!


The various Nepalese pots


In addition to Nepalese pots being available in various sizes, there is also a distinction to be made in materials. The majority of our assortment consists of Nepalese pots made of earthenware. Additionally, we also have pots made of metal and wood. A combination of these materials is certainly possible. This provides a diverse look within the interior. So, feel free to mix and match and make your interior unique


Decorating with Nepalese pots


As described, the pots are available in various sizes and materials. This ensures that you have endless possibilities to decorate with these Nepalese pots. Additionally, you can naturally use other materials in combination with these pots to give your interior a rugged look. Feel free to browse our webshop and combine the most beautiful materials!


Ordering Nepalese pots


Ordering Nepalese pots is easy and fast. Het Oude Gebint offers you several different payment options to ensure that you can pay quickly and securely. We also provide a delivery time of 1-2 days so that you can immediately start transforming your interior. So, make your choice quickly and order them now!