Market Table India

Our range includes beautiful market tables from India. Thanks to their convenient shape and the ability to fold, these market tables are often used by market traders. But their versatility is not limited to the market. They are also ideal for weddings and other parties, and you often see them used as buffet tables to serve food. However, an even more fun application is indoors: as a dining table, coffee table, sideboard, or console table.

Wood from India

The market table from India is particularly charming due to the beautiful wood used, making each table completely unique with its own character and signs of use. The wood used for each table also has its own appearance. No market table from India is the same, just as no house is entirely identical. This allows you to choose the perfect table that suits you and your home perfectly.

Market Table at Home

In your home, you can use such a beautiful market table in various ways. In the living room, it can serve as an authentic coffee table, while in the dining room, it can be a cozy dining table. If you have a spacious hallway, the market table is perfect as a large console table, or you can use it in the living room as a sideboard. The Indian market table is available in various sizes and heights, with the products in the store clearly indicating their dimensions, so you can get a good idea of the sizes. This allows you to measure at home and determine which size suits you best.


Atmospheric Table 

Wood has the natural property of bringing coziness, and the visible signs of use add something extra. With this table, you immediately create atmosphere in your space. Further styling of these tables is also very easy; you can use a beautiful jug, metal decorative balls, or a wooden spoon. Personally, we always find it very beautiful when you combine the market table with natural materials such as concrete, animal hides, and glass. The market table as a coffee table also looks beautiful with a nice sandy-colored carpet, as shown here. A beautiful candle completes the whole look!

Het oude Gebint

The Old Gebint has various beautiful accessories with which you can complete your market table from India. Because these tables are all unique, we recommend that you come and choose your table with us and take it home immediately. The fact that you can also take a look at the home decorations to see if there are any nice items to dress up your table is only an added bonus. Very handy to see immediately if something looks nice on the table or to create a nice combination.

We do not have a physical store with fixed opening hours. So, if you want to come and take a look, we ask you to contact us to schedule an appointment.

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